Train like professional race-car drivers do

A key part of your driving Experience will be your simulator session. The realism, enhanced by the 3D view of the track, will immerse you in a driving experience like no other giving you a true sense of depth and speed.

While driving you will be assisted by your personal instructor which will help you to get familiar with the controls of the car like the no clutch paddle shift and the layout of our circuit.

Driving on the simulated race track is the best way to learn it. It’s how professional race car drivers do.

After your simulator session you’ll be ready for the real excitement to begin. You’ll be able to receive the most out of your Experience from the very first lap!


Reality Vs Simulation

Discover the difference, if there is any!




  • Professional simulator software provided by
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway infield track laser scanned for exact precision
  • 3D Capability


  • 60’ screen with FULL HD resolution
  • Dashboard with gear indicator, RPM dial, water and oil temperature
  • Controls built to spec of the real cars
  • Sparco Racing seats and harness