About Dream Racing

Dream Racing is the new five-star driving experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the only one where you can get behind the wheel of a real Ferrari race car. 

An all inclusive driving experience on track that shows you what it means to be a race car driver.

The concept behind Dream Racing is simple: a culmination of its founders’ passion for racing and years of experience as instructors and directors at the most prestigious driving experiences and driving schools in the world.

Now it’s time to share this passion.

“I feel lucky because I had the opportunity to race in my life, which is my greatest passion, and to drive some of the most beautiful cars in the world” says Ado De Micheli, president of the company. De Micheli worked for 12 years at the Ferrari Driving Experience in Maranello and Maserati Driving School in Parma, Italy.

“The Ferrari brand consolidates all the emotions and performance supercars can give. Combined with being a real racing car, it makes our Ferrari GT just exhilarating to drive on track. However we also like the idea of offering some selected exotic street cars to our clients: Lamborghini is an iconic Italian brand widely appreciated in the US, Porsche has an unmatched history in GT racing, and McLaren has quickly become one of the most desired exotic supercars for its technology and performance. And obviously the Ferrari street cars which are still a reference for beauty, speed and handling. 

Our goal at Dream Racing is to offer the best driving experience, where the main character is not the car…it’s you: the driver.

The racing experience starts by suiting up in a professional race suit and helmet. Then learn the curves in a state-of-the-art simulator session where the Las Vegas racetrack has been laser scanned to exact specifications. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a driving experience. We knew this experience could only take place on a real track with a real racing car. The real challenge was to develop an experience, from beginning to end, that was complementary to the Ferrari lifestyle and synonymous with its name. After having hosted multiple corporate events and team building activities we can confidently say that this goal has been achieved.”

Enrico Bertaggia, CEO of Dream Racing, explains the difference between the racecar and its street legal version, “The racing Ferrari is designed, engineered and built for the track; just for performance. No comfort suspensions, no radio or electric windows. All focused to make it as fast as possible. Top brakes, top engine, carbon fiber body parts, slick tires built to perform, not to last. The result? A machine that responds with precision and immediateness to the driver, giving a unique sensation. Unlike what many would think, driving a well-constructed race car on a circuit is easier than driving a normal car, because it’s built for what you’re going to do. The brakes won’t fade, the tires will deliver more grip, helping you to follow the desired line and the response of all controls is, in general, more precise. What makes the difference is the correct set-up. When a car is as balanced as the Ferrari Gt, then it’s pure fun. 

We’ve put all of our experience in setting up the Ferrari at its finest to make a car, already famous for its balance, perfect. You’ll experience this from your first lap at Dream Racing. 

But I see also the pleasure of testing different exotic street cars, and driving them on the track can let you appreciate the highlights and differences amongst them. The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is unique because of it’s all-wheel drive transmission. The McLaren MP4-12C is one of the few supercars offering a carbon fiber monocell and the Porsche 911, despite its lower power, deserves a lot of respect having won in its racing history over 30,000 races!”

From their extensive racing careers, Mr. De Micheli and Mr. Bertaggia, have inherited an unprecedented attention to detail, and ambitious competitiveness.

“At first it was the goal to succeed in racing. Now we’re fully committed to delivering the best possible driving experience to our clients,” says Bertaggia. “It doesn’t matter which driving experience you’re going to choose, we promise to deliver you a once in a lifetime experience!“