Driving Tip: Fast Cornering

On a race track the most difficult skill to master is cornering technique.

Before trying to put a car on the absolute limit, it’s important to figure out the racing line around the circuit, and the ideal line to take through each corner for the fastest speed. It’s a common mistake to beginning turning in too early, without reducing speed sufficiently. This compromises the exit to the turn and therefore your speed all the way down the following straight. You may have the car on the limit of its performance while doing this, but it isn’t going as fast as it should be.

Once approaching the corner, stay on the gas up to the braking point and then apply the brakes. Braking pressure should be heavier at the beginning of the braking zone, constant for some time, and then decreasing as the car is approaching the turn-in point. Before starting to steer, the brakes should be released. By this point the car should have slowed sufficiently, allowing it to follow the correct line through the corner. In any case it is bad and common mistake to release all of the sudden the brake pedal, it should always be gradual.

In the first half of the maneuver, the car will continue to shed speed but as the angle on the steering wheel decreases, the car can begin to accelerate. Once past the apex, gradually start to bring the wheel back to level and simultaneously begin pushing the gas pedal. This is also a graduated movement: the faster the car realigns with the next straight, the more gas you can give it. When the car is pointing straight it is ready for maximum throttle.

As a general rule, the ideal line is the one with maximizes the radius of the turn. The bigger the distance over which the turn is completed, the higher the speed you can carry through the corner. It’s important to use as much of the track as you possibly can.

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