Nic Sacco, Dream Racing Instructor

An essential part of the Dream Racing experience, the skilled instructors take racing and thrill enthusiasts alike through a simulator session and around the bends of the F1 track. Take a peek into one of the staff members’ favorite parts of the job, the car, and where you can find him when he’s not on the track.

Nic Sacco, Dream Racing Instructor

A South African native that ventured all the way to Las Vegas, Nic Sacco is an integral part of the Dream Racing team. Simply put: Nic loves his job. His favorite part of working day in and day out is all of the awesome people he gets the chance to meet while giving them the opportunity to put their dreams of being a racecar driver into action.

Every day at Dream Racing, Ferrari 430 GTs zip around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway track. The car itself is what sets this racing experience apart from others. You can’t drive it anywhere else in the United States, no one else has it in Las Vegas, and it’s six seconds faster per lap than the street legal Ferrari 458. According to Nic, the car’s best characteristic is its ability to handle corners. At the first turn of the track, the car has the capability to go from 120mph down to 20mph in an impressive time frame all while sticking to the track like glue, making it a very dynamic racecar. Nic’s favorite part of the track is the exhilarating sixth bend – a high speed turn where most people tend to freak out as they have a hard time believing that the car can stay grounded at such high speeds.

Although he has been racing all his life (in one form or another), when Nic isn’t on the track you can find him in the sky as he enjoys flying planes, helicopters and his Wingsuit.


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