“The Club” at Dream Racing

An exciting new ownership club has just arrived at Dream Racing and thrill seekers everywhere are reveling in the opportunity to become a member. The elite and exclusive club is open to only ten individuals who wish to have their very own Ferrari F430 GT for the ultimate racing experience.

Beginning at $400,000, membership to the club includes two years of racing and full ownership of a Ferrari F430 GT at the completion of the term. Not to mention, members receive custom gear complete with a fire-proof suit, gloves, shoes and a personalized helmet along with car maintenance and storage. But why own an authentic Ferrari race car if you can’t take it for a spin?

Members have access to fifteen track days per year, with 130 dates to select from, and each race day includes a personal instructor and a pit crew for on-track assistance. Feel the power of the Ferrari F43O GT as the car boasts a high performance V8 engine, F1 automatic clutch paddle shifts and 512 HP at 8500 RPM. The engine features upgrades that you won’t find in any street legal car including an optimized air intake, an enhanced exhaust system and a racing ECU, which combine to provide more power and faster response to the accelerator. Dream Racing is one of the few places in the world where speed junkies can get behind the wheel of an actual Ferrari race car and feel the rush of driving 120 mph.

Taking it up a notch, “The Club” is giving owners the ultimate thrill as they take their very own, track-ready Ferrari F430 GT to heart pounding speeds.

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